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Sam and Donna Butler

                    Sam and Donna Butler


My wife and I both grew up around the construction industry.  Our dads were carpenters, so we have lots of memories of watching and helping build the homes we grew up in. There is no better experience than actually working with and learning from master craftsman.  Our dads taught us valuable lessons along the way and the importance of integrity and hard work have served us well.  The smell of fresh cut lumber still brings us back to our younger days! Oh how we wish they were still with us to experience all the improvements in the industry!


Sam is a Navy Veteran so his vast knowledge also includes his training as an Aircraft Electrician, Instructor and Quality Assurance inspector.  He is known as “the Hound Dog”, because if Sam can’t find and fix the problem,  no one can! He is meticulous in his work and especially enjoys the satisfaction of helping others.


Our business roots go back to 1998 when Donna began experiencing some health issues and the doctor said major surgery was the only way to help her medical condition. We weren’t convinced this was the case so it forced us to study and gather information that would eventually lead to Donna’s complete recovery without surgery and the start of our first natural health website and then another website.


We continued researching the natural health field and were amazed at how little we knew about Indoor Air Quality. When we realized the extent of the problem, we knew we had to learn more in order to educate others. Sam took the classes necessary to become a certified Indoor Air Quality specialist. 


Sam’s interest in Indoor Air Quality peaked again after he suffered a severe reaction to  mold spores he was accidentally exposed to.  He experienced many months of painful skin rashes that moved from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet.  He also experienced decreased cognitive ability and memory loss.  It was during his time of recovery that he took the classes to become a Certified Mold Inspector as well as Building Analyst Professional (from the Building Performance Institute) and Water Restoration Technician IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification)to his qualifications.


Every solution we offer has come from our own need and search for healthier options.  We care about our health and the health of others so we want to share this important information with as many people as we can.


Thanks for your interest! We look forward to meeting your needs!


Sam and Donna Butler



Veteran Owned and Veteran Supporting Small Business