The IAQ Problem


Indoor Air Quality (the condition of our air) is one of those issues that has been pushed aside and minimized for far too long. The truth of the matter is your indoor air could be making you sick. Air “conditioning” is more than just heating and cooling. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are totally inadequate to provide the quality of air needed to sustain a healthy environment.


We continue to seal up our homes in an effort to reduce energy costs but we fail to recognize that we also seal in all the pollutants at the same time. These pollutants create a toxic soup that we breathe. Recent findings show that small particles we breathe in can also contribute to a number of medical conditions.


As a trained professional I am  ready to evaluate and assess your Indoor Air Quality problems.  Our wholistic solutions are specific to each persons unique situation so you can rest assured you are doing all you can to manage your indoor air quality risks.


 Indoor Air Quality Facts:

  • People spend 75-90% of their time indoors
  • Exposure to airborne contamination is considerable
  • 50% of all major office buildings have contaminated heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC). If not properly maintained, they are a hotbed for growth of molds and bacteria.
  • Each person inhales over 3,500 gallons of air each day. Children inhale more particles for their size then adolescents or adults.
  • Polluted air causes 94% of all respiratory problems
  • More than 31 million Americans have been diagnosed with asthma, about 1/3 are children under 18.
  • About 40,000 dust mites, a common household allergen, can live in one ounce of dust
  • An estimated 10-15% of the entire population may be allergic to cat or dog dander.
  • A person sheds up to 700,000 skin flakes per day.


There is much in the news about the food we eat, our health, and even the lunches we feed our children at school, but the reality is, children breathe first before they can do anything else. All kinds of preparations are made for the arrival of the new baby, but who thinks about preparing the AIR they will be breathing? Most parents don’t think twice about putting their new infant in a room full of “toxins” that are created from the new paint, carpeting, bedding etc. Indoor Air Quality can affect your health. Don’t take it lightly!


Children Breathe First Video (3:19)